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Cebek Screen with 4 Displays for BCD Modules


Cebek Screen with 4 Displays for BCD Modules

Range0 -9999
Power Supply12VDC
Dimensions100 x 97 x 55mm
Technical Information >Download the Handbook for full specifications and applications
The Cebek CD-41 module is a BCD display module with outputs to drive Cebek BCD display modules. The input is displayed on the 4-digit 7-segment display and decoded BCD outputs appear at the rear connections. After these connections, on the Latch input, (multiplexed), each time you place one of these inputs on the positive, the BCD value registered at the input will be displayed on the corresponding display. Therefore, you could direct the BCD input to the display (or displays) that you wish.. The CD-41 accept the control from the CD-14, CD-16 and CD-17 modules.
This Display can be controlled by the following Control modules
Up/Down CounterCD-12
Up/Down CounterCD-14
Control KeyboardCD-17
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CD-41Cebek Screen with 4 Displays for BCD Modules29.36 


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