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Cebek Four Output Night and Day Dimmer 500W


Cebek R-16 module

Maximum Load500W
Minimum Load50W
Power Supply230VAC
Dimensions109 x 10 x 25mm
Technical Information >Download the Handbook for full specifications and applications
Cebek R-16 module allows you to automatically and cyclically generate Daybreak, Day, Nightfall and Night effects. The module has two outputs : Day/Night effect output and an auxiliary output. The day effect output will automatically generate 4 effects composing of the virtual day. When the module is switched on this automatically start the day sequence, constantly repeating the cycle (Daybreak, Day, Nightfall, and Night) until you switch the unit off. The effect time can be regulated and adjusted according to the end-user needs. The adjustment are made using two PCB mounted potentiometers. There are two time scales available : Seconds and Minutes this is achieved by the adjustment of the two DIL switches. The R-16 has exclusive outputs for each cycle "Day - Day break" and "nightfall - Night" . lt also includes independent outputs operating one al fixed level during the "day" and an the operating during the "night". Birdroom lighting dimmers simulate natural conditions by slowly brightening up. This avoids startling the birds when waking. At lights off time, the lamps will gradually dim to allow your birds a last feed and time to roosting. Controlled lighting also allows you to extend the day light period to induce breeding and early moulting. This module will not control inductive loads.
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