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Cebek 0 - 10VDC Controlled 8A Regulator


Cebek 0 - 10VDC Controlled 8A Dimmer

Reference R-25
Maximum Load 8A
Power Supply 8 - 30VDC
Dimensions 72 x 99 x 45mm.
Weight 103g
Technical Information > Download the Handbook for full specifications and applications
Cebek R-25 module is designed to control a DC (8A) load via a low voltage control signal. It adjusts the output load using a control signal  of between 0 -10 VDC. This control voltage is directly proportional to output voltage and can adjust the load in ascendant or descendent way depending on the jumper setting. The output load can be controlled via a 10KΩ potentiometer if required. There is a LED indicator to give visual indication of output.
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R-25 Cebek 0 - 10VDC Controlled 8A Regulator 27.39

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