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Cebek 2-Channel Industrial 300 metre RF Transmitter


Cebek 2-Channel Industrial 300 metre RF Transmitter

Carrier Frequency433.92 MHz
Number of Channels2
Power Supply12VDC
Dimensions69 x 41 x 15 mm
Technical Information >Download the Handbook for full specifications and applications
The Cebek TL-16 is an industrial two channel RF transmitter module with a range of approximately 300 metres for use with Cebek RF remote control receivers. Through the Certified radio frequency signal of 433.92 MHz. the transmitter will emit a coded signal to the receivers, allowing it to switch off or on the receivers relay. To personalise remote controls you have more than 13,122 combinations to select from, the required code is easily selected thanks to the DIL switch fitted on the PCB.
Will Operate with the following Receivers
Single Channel (12Vdc) Momentary ActionTL-1
TwoChannel (12Vdc) Momentary ActionTL-2
Single Channel (230Vac) Momentary ActionTL-3
Two Channel (230Vac) Momentary ActionTL-4
Single Channel (12Vdc) Latching ActionTL-7
Two Channel (12Vdc) Latching ActionTL-8
Two Channel (230Vac) Latching ActionTL-10
Single Channel (12Vdc) Latching/MomentaryTL-101
Two Channel (12Vdc) Latching/MomentaryTL-102
Single Channel (230Vac) Latching/MomentaryTL-103
Two Channel (230Vac) Latching/MomentaryTL-104
Re-Transmission BoosterTL-99
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This Product has been replaced by TL-326

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TL-16Cebek 2-Channel Industrial 300 metre RF Transmitter

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