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Cebek 4-Digit USB Counter with LED Display


4-Digit Up/Down USB Counter

LED Display4-Digit
Range0 - 9999
Input5V minimum
RelaySPDT 3A
Power Supply12VDC
Dimensions (Main PCB)107 x 100 x 15mm
Technical Information >Download the Handbook for full specifications and applications
The Cebek USB.CD-60 module is a 4-Digit up/down counter with pre-selection and relay output. Similar in operation to CD-5 but all controlled via your PC or Laptop. Available with four different display sizes (", 1", 2" and 4")You can count up and count down from a DC voltage derived from a contact on the signal input. Count up function allows you to pre-select a number and once this number reach, the count up will be stopped and the relay is activated.
Downloads and Documentation:

Driver FTDI:

Link to the official website of FTDI, Provide users chips a simple procedure for installing the drivers for FTDI devices used under Windows. Download the driver for the OS installed on your PC.

Driver Manual FTDI:

Manual installation FTDI USB driver for operation with Cebek Interface circuits. Description detailed step by step in a Windows 7. The same procedure on different operating systems Microsoft Windows.

Download the Handbook for full specifications and applications

Program Cebek USB.R40:

The USB interface controller is an electronic circuit designed to be connected to a USB port on your computer, allowing you to remotely control the output voltage to regulate a 12Vdc lamp

Order Code Each 
USB.CD-60Cebek 4-Digit Up/Down USB Counter with " LED Display56.65 
USB.CD-60.1Cebek 4-Digit Up/Down USB Counter with 1" LED Display60.23 
USB.CD-60.2Cebek 4-Digit Up/Down USB Counter with 2" LED Display69.70 
USB.CD-60.4Cebek 4-Digit Up/Down USB Counter with 4" LED Display100.85 


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