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ABS and Aluminium Cases

ABS and Aluminium Encosures
MaterialABS and Aluminium
TKP1B85 x 56 x 36mm
TKP2B110 x 70 x 48mm
TKP3B160 x 96 x 61mm
TKP4B215 x 130 x 77mm
High quality professional instrument cases which offer a practical, economical packaging solution for small to medium-sized electronic devices. The design permits easy machining and the top panel is well suited for the installation of meters, readouts, etc. Internal guides enable PCB,s to be fitted.
Order Code Each 
401-801TKP1B ABS and Aluminium Enclosure3.59 
401-802TKP2B ABS and Aluminium Enclosure4.66 
401-803TKP3B ABS and Aluminium Enclosure7.05 
401-804TKP4B ABS and Aluminium Enclosure10.04 


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