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13 Amp Fuses

Plug Top Fuses
Dimensions1 x ¼"
Replacement fuses for UK 13A plug tops and also used in fused spur outlets. (Minimum Quantity 10)
Order Code 10+50+100+ 
197-2101A BS1362 1" Plug-top Fuse0.1340.0120.107 
197-2152A BS1362 1" Plug-top Fuse0.1340.0120.107 
197-2203A BS1362 1" Plug-top Fuse0.1070.0960.085 
197-2255A BS1362 1" Plug-top Fuse0.1090.0980.087 
197-23510A BS1362 1" Plug-top Fuse0.1040.0940.083 
197-24013A BS1362 1" Plug-top Fuse0.180.14120.1271 


Shaver Adaptor Fuses
Size19 x 4.5mmØ
Subject to technical modifications.
Replacement fuses for UK shaver adaptors. 1A, 2A and 3A
Order Code 1+10+25+ 
197-110Shaver Adaptor Fuse 1A0.360.290.26 
197-115Shaver Adaptor Fuse 2A0.360.290.29 
197-120Shaver Adaptor Fuse 3A 0.360.290.26 
197-125Shaver Adaptor Fuse 5A 0.440.3960.352 


Consumer Unit Fuses
5 Amp22 x 5.7mmØ
15 Amp25 x 9mmØ
30 Amp28.5 x 12mmØ
Subject to technical modifications.
Consumer unit fuses available in three values 5A Lighting (White), 15A Heating (Blue) and 30A (Red) Ring main.
Order Code 1+10+25+ 
197-3255A Consumer Unit Fuse0.640.580.51 
197-34515A Consumer Unit Fuse1.541.231.08 
197-36530A Consumer Unit Fuse1.701.361.19 


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