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Cable Clips

Small Self-adhesive Aluminium Cable ClipLarge Self-adhesive Aluminium Cable Clip
Maximum Cable Size6.3mmØ
Size11 x 16mm
Maximum Cable Size10mmØ
Size16 x 19mm
Self-adhesive base with an aluminium clip which can be bent around the cable. Available in two sizes.
Order Code 150+100+ 
040-26011 x 16mm Self-adhesive Aluminium Cable Clip.0.070.05880.0519 
040-26216 x 19mm Self-adhesive Aluminium Cable Clip. 


Self-adhesive Ribbon Cable Clip
MaterialGrey PVC
Self-adhesive fixing suitable for flat ribbon cables. Spring loaded with serrated edge to hold cable firmly in position. Available in four widths.
Order Code 150+100+ 
040-26515 x 25mm Self-adhesive Ribbon Cable Clip0.100.080.07 
040-26620 x 25mm Self-adhesive Ribbon Cable Clip0.140.120.10 
040-26725 x 25mm Self-adhesive Ribbon Cable Clip0.100.080.07 
040-26828 x 25mm Self-adhesive Ribbon Cable Clip0.110.080.07 


Releasable Self-adhesive Cable Clamp
MaterialBlack Nylon
Self-adhesive, releasable cable clip. The clip also has a 4.4mmØ hole
Order Code 150+100+ 
040-2706mmØ Releasable Self-adhesive Cable Clamp0.110.100.09 
040-2719mmØ Releasable Self-adhesive Cable Clamp0.180.1650.15 
040-27212mmØ Releasable Self-adhesive Cable Clamp0.120.110.10 
040-27314mmØ Releasable Self-adhesive Cable Clamp0.140.130.11 
040-27416mmØ Releasable Self-adhesive Cable Clamp0.150.130.12 
040-27518mmØ Releasable Self-adhesive Cable Clamp0.220.1940.178 


Nylon 'P' Clips
Mounting Hole5mmØ
 6.3mmØ x 10mm
 9.5mmØ x 12mm
 12.7mmØ x 12mm
 19mmØ x 13mm
Nylon 'P' Clips with 5mmØ mounting hole, suitable for securing cables up to 19mmØ. Available in four different sizes.
Order Code 150+100+ 
040-2506.3mmØ "P" Clip0.060.040.025 
040-2549.5mmØ "P" Clip0.070.040.025 
040-25612.7mmØ "P" Clip0.080.050.04 
040-25819mmØ "P" Clip0.120.060.05

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