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Universal Battery Tester

VTTEST14 Audio Cable Tester

Digital Clamp Meter

4-Channel Recorder/Logger

MTB02  Digital Meter

Battery TesterCable TestersClamp MeterData LoggerDigital Meters

Electrical Multi-tester Screwdriver

DVM13MFC2 Frequency Counter

Velleman 2Mhz USB PC Function Generator

Adastra Induction Loop Tester

Velleman LAB1 Three in One Lab Unit

Electrical TesterFrequency CounterFunction GeneratorInduction Loop TesterLAB 1

Digital Light Meter (LUX)

Velleman HPS140 MKII Scope

Mains Quick Tester

Magnetic Field Strength Detector

0 - 50ľA Panel Meter

Light LevelOscilloscopesMains Quick TesterMagnetic Field DetectorPanel Meters

0 - 20V 2A Bench Power Supply

LED Satellite signal strength indicator

Digital Sound Level Meter A/C Weighting 30 - 130dB

TLM1 Test Leads

Velleman Test Equipment

Power SuppliesSatellite/TV StrengthSound LevelTest LeadsVelleman Test Equipment

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Fax: 0191 252 2296


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