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Robot Tank Kit  

  • Put up to 4 tanks into battle with each other using the multichannel IR remote control
  • Each Titan Tank will recoil and make shooting sound effects when firing
  • Titan Tank will automatically turn around when shot by another Titan Tank. Once shot 4 times the Titan Tank will continue to turn around and produce a siren sound
  • 6-wheel drive allows each Titan Tank to move and turn smoothly
  • No soldering required
  • Kit comes with pre-assembled PC boards and all mechanical parts
  • Recommended age: 14+
Robot Tank Kit
Battery (Tank)6.0V (4 x AA)
Battery (Transmitter)6.0V (4 x AA)
Subject to technical modifications.
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An interesting kit remote controlled by infrared, through a remote control using a microprocessor. Thanks to the remote control's buttons you can move the Titan Tank, forward, back, turn and shot. Once selected one of four available channels, simultaneously, up to 4 players can participate. Pressing the pull button, the tank shoots with an infrared beam from its cannon. When Titan Tank's sensor detects that it has been reached by another participant's shot, the tank will describe two circles and will be ready to continue the game. When it will be reached 4 times, it is offside.
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