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Robot Football Player

  • Put up to 4 Botballs into competition with each other using the multichannel IR remote control
  • 3 motors allow smooth moving, turning, passing, dribbling and kicking
  • Give your Botball a unique jersey by changing its colour and number
  • Recommended age: 14+
Cebek Robot Football Player Kit
Battery (Transmitter)6.0V (4 x AA)
Battery (Robot)9.0V (1 x PP3)
Subject to technical modifications.
Download Handbook >Download the Handbook for full specifications and applications
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A dream makes reality, a football player robot who obeys your orders. The remote control microprocessor send orders to the robot, selecting one of four available channels. This peculiarity allows to simultaneous play, and without interferences, up to 4 players. Two independent motors allow the front, back, as well as to turn to the right or to the left movements; another motor pushes the ball. Two rotating wheels allow that robot's movements are not abrupt.
Once assembled, learn to control the ball, to dribble and to shoot the ball.
Are you ready to participate in the football world championship, with the robot which you have just built?
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