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Electrical Tester

Electrical Multi-tester Screwdriver
AC Direct Contact70 - 250V
AC non Contact70 - 600V
Battery2 x AG3
Dimensions138 x 16mmØ
A multi-functional tester with plain slot 4mm blade that allows the checking of wiring without dismantling or having any contact with live parts. Applications include ‘break point‘ in wiring, continuity testing, bulb and fuse testing, microwave leakage, socket testing and testing for static.
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123-410TT01 Electrical Multi-tester Screwdriver2.80


CAT III Non-Contact Voltage DetectorNon-Contact Voltage Detector
Battery2 x AAA
  • Pocket sized with clip
  • Built in LED torch to aid testing in awkward places
  • Stand-by mode of up to 1.5 years
  • Ideal for basic to intermediate testing requirements by Builders, Electricians, DIY and Hobbyists
  • Batteries not included (requires 2 x AAA batteries)
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    123-415CAT III Non-Contact Voltage Detector4.99


    Profi III LED+ Voltage tester
    • Highest safety level CAT IV 1000 V

    • Practical one-hand operation; testing without finger contact

    • Robust, safe construction with LED display

    • Indication of voltages also possible without battery

    • Removable 4mm test tips adaptor

    ModelProfi III LED+
    AC Direct Contact12 - 690V
    IP RatingIP65
    Battery2 x AAA
    Dimensions138 x 16mmØ
    Download Handbook >
    The Testboy Profi III LED+ is user-friendly, robust, safe construction and conforms to all requirements placed on modern voltage testers by a specialist. Due to the high safety classification, CAT IV 1000 V, it is also suitable for measurements on hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as photovoltaic installations. Consists of sixteen LED's which give a display of polarity, phase, rotation test and voltage measured.
    This Digital Meter is suitable for use in the following categories.
    A CAT I rated meter is suitable for measurements on protected electronic circuits that are not directly connected to mains power. <100V (Battery operated devices, Audio Circuits, Education)A CAT II-rated meter is suitable for measurements in CAT I-environments, as well as for measurements in single-phase appliances that are connected to the mains by means of a plug. Measurement of normal domestic circuits, provided that the circuit is at least 10m apart from any CAT III- or 20m apart from any CAT IV-environment. < 240V (Household Appliances, Portable Tools, Sound and Lighting Equipment)A CAT III-rated meter is suitable for measurements in CAT I- and CAT II-environments, as well as for measurements on (fixed) single and three phase appliances which are at least 10m apart from of a CAT IV-environment, and for measurements in or on distribution level equipment. <440V (Fuse boxes, Lighting circuits, Ring main, Electric ovens).A CAT IV-rated meter is suitable for measuring in CAT I-, CAT II- and CAT III-environments as well as on the primary supply level. Note that for all measurements on equipment for which the supply cables run outdoors (either overhead or underground) a CAT IV meter must be used.
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    121-900Testboy Profi III LED+ Voltage tester56.43


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