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Mercury Digital Meter MTB02

Mercury MTB02Digital Meter MTB02
DC Voltage200mV (0.5%)
 2000mV (0.8%)
 20V (0.8%)
 200V (0.8%)
 500V (1.0%)
AC Voltage200V (2.0%)
 500V (2.0%)
DC Current200A (1.8%)
 2000A (1.8%)
 20mA (1.8%)
 200mA (2.0%)
 5A (2.0%)
AC CurrentNo
Resistance200Ω (1.0%)
 2kΩ (1.0%)
 20kΩ (1.0%)
 200kΩ (1.0%)
 2000kΩ (1.0%)
Frequency45 - 450Hz
Transistor (HFE)Yes
Continuity BuzzerNo
Battery TestNo
Input Impedance-
Maximum Display1999
Battery9V (1 x PP3)
Dimensions125 x 68 x 24mm

A Pocket size digital meter. Ideal for basic to intermediate testing requirements by Electronic Hobbyists, Education Establishments and Motorists.


  • 13mm 3 Digit LCD

  • Overload Protection

  • Supplied with test leads and manual.

This Digital Meter is suitable for use in the following categories.
A CAT I rated meter is suitable for measurements on protected electronic circuits that are not directly connected to mains power. <100V (Battery operated devices, Audio Circuits, Education)   
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121-209MTB02 Pocket Digital Multimeter 19 Ranges5.96

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