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VTSSC20N Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron

VTSSC20N Soldering Iron
Soldering Iron 24V
Bit Size1.6mm
Temperature150 - 420C
Dimensions120 x 170 x 90mm
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VTSSC20N is a 48W temperature controlled soldering station with ceramic heating element. Adjustable temperature range from 150 - 450C. The adjustment is made by means of a rotary potentiometer with LED bar-graph indicator. Supplied with sponge and integral stand, four sizes of replacement bits are also available.
Order Code Each 
167-524VTSSC20N 48W Soldering Iron Station with LED Temperature Indication47.15 


Replacement Tips for Model VTSSC20N Soldering Iron:
BITC10N1BITC10N1 Replacement BitPoint1.6mm
BITC10N2BITC10N2 Replacement BitPoint3.0mm
BITC10N3BITC10N3 Replacement BitChisel3.0mm
BITC10N4BITC10N4 Replacement BitChisel2.0mm
Order Code Each 
167-050BITC10N1 Replacement Bit1.89 
167-052BITC10N2 Replacement Bit1.89 
167-054BITC10N3 Replacement Bit1.89 
167-056BITC10N4 Replacement Bit1.89

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