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IMG Stage Line DPR-110 MP3 recorder with USB interface and SD card slot. Record direct from a line level signal on to a USB storage device or an SD card, alternately record from a USB memory device on to an SD card. This 19" rack mounted MP3 recorder can be used to record direct from a CD player, Mini Disk or other analogue dvice. The DPR-110 recorder can also play material stored on SD cards or USB stored media. With selectable recording bit rate of either 96/128/192kbps. Supports MP3, WMA and Supports ID3 tags. It recognizes 2GB, 4GB and 8GB SD cards it is ideal for transferring all forms of music media on to SD cards. The DPR-110 also features fast forward and reverse of material, title programming and folder navigation. When playing files it has similar controls as a CD player, Repeat function (repeat 1, repeat all, repeat album), random play and intro play. Supplied with infrared remote control.

Stage Line® MP3, SD Card Recorder

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