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TL325 / TL-325 Cebek Module

The Cebek TL-325 is a two channel 12Vdc transmitter. The operating range of is is about 100 metres (Line of Site). Cebek TL-325 transmitter is a PCB with screw terminals for connection to switches, aerial and power. It has on board  LED indication. This transmitter uses an exclusive single identification code. The synchronisation is done by programming the receiver to allow it to recognize identification codes for a maximum of 5 transmitters. As the receiver's memory is FIFO, once you have synchronised 5 transmitters, the next transmitter programmed will be placed on the memory used by the first one, an the following one will substitute the memory initially destined to the second and so on. The TL-325 remote control transmitter can be paired with TL-311 receiver. You can use a rigid copper wire 1mmØ, connecting to the terminal marked antenna. For longer range antennas use Cebek C-0509 rigid aerial. This Cebek transmitter is ideal for installing in your bespoke industrial control application. They have many uses such as garden gate opener, roller shutter remote, garage door opener, car or vehicle immobiliser, remote barrier control and remote stopping or starting of plant or machinery.
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