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The Velbus VMB1RY is a single channel relay which has been designed to switch resistive or inductive loads. It has suppressed voltage free relay contacts. The VMB1RY module features manual override control, can be controlled be several push buttons connected in parallel and can interface with the Velbus Home Automation System. VMB1RM has 16 possible time settings: moment - 5s - 10s - 15s - 30s - 1min - 2 min - 5min - 10min - 15min - 30min - 1h - 2h - 5h - 1day - on/off and 9 possible time settings for timer 2: 5min - 10min - 15min - 30min - 1h - 2h - 5h - 1day - on/off. The device can be programmed with or without the aid of a PC, using a unique simple learning process. All settings are stored and will not be lost in the event of a power failure. There are up to 248 possible address for each module, indication of output status (On/Off), power and data are displayed on LED's.

Velleman Velbus Programmable Relay Module

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