Showtec LED Operator 1

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The Showtec LED Operator 1 is the most economical LED controller in our range. It is a simple but powerful controller for non-complex light applications. Consisting of 3 faders to control the Red, Green and Blue LED's of your PAR Can. It has 9 preset colours which can be selected by the push of a button. It has several chase patterns which can be controlled manually or by sound activation via the internal microphone. The LED Operator 1 can control an unlimited number of fixtures providing they all set to DMX channel 1.

The LED Operator 1 is capable of controlling any LED PAR fixture which has more than 3 DMX channels providing the first three channels control the Red, Blue, Green LED's and any other channels (3, 4, 5 etc.) do not need to be active to allow the fixture to operate. (i.e. must be at 0 not 256)

FunctionsManual/Auto and Sound
Number of Fixtures1
DMX Channels3
Power Supply12Vdc1A Adapter (Supplied)
Dimensions210 x 140 x 50mm