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Velleman 3-30V 3A Power Supply KitVelleman Kits

3-30V 3A Power Supply Kit

Specification Features:

  • Output voltage: adjustable from 3 to 30V, stabilised
  • Output current: max. 3A
  • Output ripple voltage: 0.5mV
  • Short-circuit stable
  • Overload protected
  • Input voltage: 9 to 30VAC (depending on the desired output voltage)
  • Transformer not supplied

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130 x 91 x 50mm



This kit is meant as an auxiliary or as a permanent power supply for all common Velleman kits based on a stabilised DC voltage between 3 and 30V provided that the consumption does not exceed 3A. Of course this power supply unit can also be used for other purposes. By replacing the trimmer by a potentiometer, it may even be used as an adjustable power supply unit. Supplied with heat sink.
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K7203Velleman 3-30V 3A Power Supply Kit19.95 


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