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Velleman DC Pulse Width Modulator KitVelleman Kits

DC to Pulse Width Modulator Kit

Specification Features:

  • Power supply: 8 to 35VDC
  • Maximum output current: 6.5A
  • Input voltage: between 2.5 and 35VDC

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Dimensions (PCB)

85 x 48 x 45mm



This control circuit is ideal for the accurate control of DC motors, lighting levels, small heaters as well as other applications. The circuit converts a DC voltage into a series of pulses, such that the pulse duration is directly proportional to the value of the DC voltage. The great advantage of such a circuit is that almost no power is lost in the control circuit. Protected against overload and short circuit.

For suitable Potentiometers see our resistor section

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K8004Velleman DC Pulse Width Modulator Kit (PWM)8.25 


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