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Velleman USB Message Board

Velleman USB Message Board 'Drive'

Velleman USB Message Board 'Eyes'

Velleman USB Message Board 'Mail'

Velleman USB Message Board 'Twitter'

Specification Features:

  • 4 downloadable example programs with source code supplied
    • Twitter Display: displays the incoming feeds
    • Mail Display: shows incoming mail subjects
    • Drive Display: shows info of your HDD
    • Eyes Display: mouse movement and click animation
  • DLL supplied to easily code your own applications ( - C#)
  • 1 Button with 2 programmable functions (short & long press)
  • Equipped with a buzzer that can be configured through software
  • A test program (with source code) can also be downloaded to test all functions of the kit (button, backlight, buzzer, LCD draw routines)
  • Available commands:
    • Send images to the display (.BMP 128x64)
    • Draw or erase pixels
    • Draw or erase a square
    • Draw or erase a line
    • Activate the buzzer by sending a beep amount (0-255)
    • Activate the backlight by sending an "ON-time" (0-254 sec / 255 = always on)
    • Send small or big text
    • Change the contrast
    • Invert the display
    • Clear everything but the background image
    • Clear everything
    • Do something on a short button press
    • Do something on a long button press
USB Message Board Set Up WindowMail Display Port ID

Read the fully Illustrated Assembly Manual for K8101

PDF Download

Power Supply

USB Powered, 35mA




77.5 x 60.5 x 38mm




Add another screen to your computer that shows the information you want! Even if your main screen is off. This device can be programmed to indicate your computer has received a new Mail, Twitter feed, Hard Drive data or Moue movement. The LCD resolution is 128 x 64 pixel with white LED Backlight.

Additional software to up grade and improve this product is available from our download section on this website.

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