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Velleman Loudspeaker DC-Protection 30WVelleman Kits

Loudspeaker DC-Protection Kit

Specification Features:

  • Suitable for use with 30Watt speakers (Max)
  • Maximum input voltage: 90VDC
  • Max. contact current: 10A
  • Minimum safety voltage: 10VDC
  • Mo external supply needed

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Dimensions (PCB)

40 x 67mm



Burn out of a power amplifier's output stage nearly always results in a dangerous direct current to the loudspeaker's terminals. In turn, this results in loudspeaker burn out. This protection unit, requiring no supplementary supply, is simply mounted between the amplifier and the speaker in the speaker cabinet and disconnects the speaker as soon as a direct current appears. Ideally suited for protecting expensive compression divers.
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M4701AVelleman Loudspeaker DC-Protection 30W10.85 


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