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Opto Isolator Module

MM106 Opto Isolator
Input Voltage6 to 30Vdc
Power Supply5Vdc
Cable Length100mm
Dimensions22 x 22 x 5mm
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The MM106 module from Velleman is a opto isolator with open collector output. This breakout board has been conceived so to supply whichever circuit operating at a TTL level with an opto-isolated input: that is to say, in order to transmit a logic condition between two circuits, while still keeping them separated from a galvanic point of view. The heart of the circuit is the TLP181 photocoupler, composed of an infrared LED that is connected between pins 1 (anode) and 2 (cathode), leaning towards the base of a NPN phototransistor, that is in turn connected to the collector at pin 5, and to the emitter at pin 4 (in this photocoupler, the base is not connected to the exterior via pins).

The breakout board’s power source is a 5V DC one, and the absorptionis a very small one: just 1 milliampere at most. Thus you may couple it to any circuit, even if battery-powered, or when using small photovoltaic panels or other Energy Harvesting solutions.

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