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Velleman MM107 RS485 Driver Mini ModuleVelleman Kits

Velleman MM107 RS485 Driver

Specification Features:

  • Converts serial TTL to RS485 signal
  • Operation distance: up to 1.2 km
  • Maximum data rate: 35 Mbps at a distance of up to 10m or 100 Kbps at a distance of up to 1200m
  • Power Supply 5V

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Dimensions (PCB)

22 x 22 x 5mm



This breakout board is the interface between a serial TTL and a RS485 bus, a serial interface too but in balanced configuration consisting of two wires referred to ground, rather than unbalanced (only one conductor connected to ground) as in the classic TTL.

The RS485 is a simplex data communication line specifically designed to operate in electrical noisy environments and on long distances, up to 1.2 km.
Its performances about electrical noise immunity and long operating distances are due to the current loop and to the high signaling voltage range implemented by the protocol. RS485 drivers (transmitting stages) send to the two wires a differential voltage to ground , having so a mutual wire-to-wire signal voltage that is double the level obtainable on the unbalanced line.

RS485 is a bus, so it is possible to connect in parallel (to the two line wires) many devices, the farthest of those must be terminated with a 120 Ohm stub resistor between A and B wire. The maximum data rate is 35Mbps up to 10m distance or 100kbps at 1200m.

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