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Light Sensor

MM109 Light Sensor
OutputDark 0.5V

Bright 5V

Power Supply5Vdc
Cable Length100mm
Dimensions22 x 22 x 5mm
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The MM109 Light sensor module from Velleman. Based on Vishay’s TEMT600 detector, this breakout board is intended or those who need to test or integrate a detection system for the lighting environment. The TEMT6000 is a silicon NPN phototransistor, in a SMD execution, whose contacts’ arrangement is consistent with the one adopted by many modern components: no pins, but L-shaped contacts that start from the side and go on under the body. The phototransistor is sensitive to the light’s visible spectrum; the sensitivity is guaranteed within a ± 60° angle, with respect to the perpendicular line to the said surface.
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MM109Velleman Light Sensor Module8.50


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