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Velleman Mini PIC-PLC Application ModuleVelleman Kits

Velleman Mini PIC-PLC Application Module

Mini PIC-PLC Application Module Open

Specification Features:

  • 9 free programmable I/Os (4 inputs, 5 outputs)
  • PIC16F630 microcontroller from Microchip® on-board
  • LED indication for power supply and relay output
  • 1 free programmable LED indication
  • On-board mini buzzer for audible signals
  • On-board ICSP™ connector for programming
  • PIC™ programmer supports PIC16F630
  • 4 inputs (voltage sensing inputs) 5 - 24VDC, @ 4K7
  • 4 NPN transistor outputs (open-collector, sink outputs) Max Current.100mA each
  • Direct 12V relay drive possible (no need for protection diode)
  • 1 relay output with NO/NC contact (2A)
  • Power Supply 12V DC (unregulated) / 100mA

Read the fully Illustrated Manual for VM142

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80 x70 x 25mm




This application module may seem small but is big in performance - all depends on your programming skills. You can now create your own custom application without the hassle of making the hardware. All the buffered inputs and outputs are ready-made for you. The VM142 module features on-board LED, a relay output and audible warning buzzer. Make your own automation system with this Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Suitable for home or automotive applications
All you need is one of our programmers like VM134 or K8076. Additional software to up grade and improve this product is available from the Velleman support section on there website.

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