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Velleman Panel Counter ModuleVelleman Kits

Velleman Panel Counter Module

Velleman Panel Counter Display

Specification Features:

  • Counter input: dry contact, connecting to ground
  • ‘Equal’- output: max. 100mA (@ max. 30V) ‘open-collector’-output
  • Maximum counting speed: 400 / sec. (10 / sec. with debounce delay)
  • Maximum count: 4 digits (0000 to 9999)
  • Output pulse length: 100 to 900ms or ‘as long as equal’
  • Power supply: 9 to 12VDC (unregulated)
  • Power consumption: < 50mA

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67 x 40.5mm



A very practical easy to use counter. Suitable for counting parts, people or scorekeeping, bright red LED read out. To methods of counting, using on board push buttons to manually count up or down, alternatively use voltage free external input. The counter compares preset with count rate to set or clear an output. Also features auto reset, when counting up or auto 'load preset' when counting down.
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