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Velleman VM202N MP3 Jukebox Module

Velleman MP3 Jukebox Module


Velleman VM202N Jukebox Module

Velleman VM202N Module

Specification Features:

  • Push button: NEXT'-, 'PREVIOUS'- and 'PLAY/PAUSE'
  • Stereo line level output
  • LED Play/Pause indicator
  • Playback starts on power up
  • Applications include:
    • Make your own MP3 jukebox
    • MP3 playback to any domestic or car audio system
    • Use as a message playback system
  • USB and SD Card sockets
  • Supported file format: mp3 (128kb/s, 192kb/s, 256kb/s, 320kb/s variable bit rate)
  • Audio output: 500mV/47kOhm stereo line out
  • Tested with USB stick of up to 16GB

Read the fully Illustrated Manual for VM202N

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Power Supply

9Vdc (500mA) 460-135




45 x 40 x 8mm



Velleman VM202N Plays your mp3 files stored on a USB memory stick or SD Card. The Velleman VM202N will start and continuously play when powered up, no need to select track or press play. Ideal for use as pre-recorded message announcement for fire or burglar alarms. When used for automotive use (12V): Put a 68 ohm/1W resistor in series with the (+) of the power supply, to avoid excess dissipation.
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