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Kits and Electronic Modules

Meters, Scopes and Function Generators
Antex Electric and Gas Soldering Irons, Solder and Stands

Semiconductors, Diodes, Resistors, Capacitors, LED's and Transistors.

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Meters, Scopes and Function Generators and Test Leads.Click for More InformationAntex Soldering Irons, stands, Temperature controlled stations.Click for More Information

Rocker, Rotary, Slide and Toggle Switches

Connectors, Adaptors, Plugs, Sockets and Electrical Accessories
PCB manufacturing Tools, Hand Tools and Soldering Irons

Rotary, Push, Slide and Toggle Switches.

Click for More InformationConnectors, Adaptors, Plugs, Sockets and Electrical Accessories.Click for More InformationScrewdrivers, Pliers, Drills, CK and Draper Tool Stockist.Click for More InformationCorners, Feet, Handles, Mounting Dishes and Aluminium Extrusions.Click for More Information

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Fax: 0191 252 2296


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ESR Electronic Components Ltd. Registered in England & Wales. Company Number 06526729

VAT Registration No GB 393 4192 34


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Modules  CebekAL-1 ToolsAnti-Static Strap 
    AL-3  Circlip Pliers 
 M4307C  AL-7  Combination Pliers 
    AL-8  Crimp Tool Set 
 M4701A  AL-9  Crimping Tools 
    AL-10   Hex Keys 
 MMK117  AV-1  Insertion Tools 
 VM100  C-9701  Knives 
 VM106  C-9702  Modulo Drivers 
    C-9703  Nut Spinners 
 VM110N  CD-1  Power Tools 
 VM111  CD-2  Precision Screwdrivers 
 VM112  CD-3  Riveters 
 VM113  CD-4  Screwdrivers 
 VM114  CD-5  Side Cutters 
 VM116  CD-6  Snipe Nose Pliers 
 VM118  CD-7  Spanners Sets 
 VM118R  CD-8  Staple Guns 
 VM119  CD-9  Tool Case 
 VM120  CD-10  Tool Sets and Kits 
 VM121  CD-11  Torx Drivers 
 VM122  CD-12  Trimmers 
 VM124  CD-14  VDE Screwdrivers 
 VM125  CD-15  Vices 
 VM129  CD-16  Wire Strippers 
 VM130  CD-17 Jokari ToolsModel 10282 
VM130TCD-19A Model 10270
 VM132  CD-19B  Model 20030 
 VM133  CD-20  Model 20100 
 VM134  CD-21  Model 30010 
 VM136  CD-22  Model 30140 
 VM137  CD-23  Model 30155 
 VM138  CD-24  Model 30160 
 VM139  CD-25  Model 30400 
 VM140  CD-26 DrillsDrill Bits 
 VM141  CD-27  Drill Sets 
 VM142  CD-28  Electric Drills 
 VM143/1W  CD-29  Milling Cutter Bits 
 VM144  CD-30 SolderingAntex Model M Iron 
 VM145  CD-31  Antex Model C Iron 
 VM146  CD-35  Antex Model CS Iron 
 VM147  CD-40  Antex Model XS Iron 
 VM148  CD-41  Antex Model TCS Iron 
 VM150  CD-43  Low Cost Electric Irons 
 VM151  CD-44  Soldering Iron Kits 
 VM152  CD-46  Replacement Elements 
    CD-53  Antex Gascat 40 
 VM156  CD-54  Antex Gascat 60 
 VM160  DA-00  Antex Gascat 75P 
 VM160DT  DA-01  Antex Gascat 120P 
 VM161  DA-02  Copper Desolder Braid 
 VM162  DA-03  Electric Suction Pump 
 VM163  DA-04  Low Cost Pump 
 VM164  DA-05  Plastic Body Pump 
    DA-06  VTD3 
 VM166T  DA-07  VTD4 
 VM167  DA-08  VTD5 
    DTMF-1  Flux 
 VM169  DTMF-2  Solder 
 VM179  DTMF-3  Stands 
 VM186  E-1 Test EquipmentAnalogue Multi-Meter 
 VM187  E-2  Anemometer 
 VM188  E-4  Cable & Lead Testers 
 VM189  E-5  Clamp Meters 
 VM191  E-6  Data Logger 
    E-7  Digital Multimeter 
 VM201  E-8  Function Generator 
 VM202N  E-9  Induction Loop Tester 
 VM203  E-11  LAB 1 
 VM8090  E-12  LAB 2 
 VM8202  E-13  Light Meters 
 VM8095  E-14  Mains Quick Test 
 VM8201  E-15  Magnetic Detector 
 VMA01  E-16  Satellite Signal Meter 
 VMA02  E-101  Sound Level Meters 
 VMA03  E-102  Tachometer 
 VMA04  EC-2  Thermometer 
 VMA05  EC-4  TV Signal Meter 
Components   EC-9 Oscilloscopes  

Ceramic Disc

 Tantalum  EC-14  HPS140 
 Trimmer Capacitors  EC-15  PCS100A 
 Tuning Capacitor  EC-16  PCS500A 
 3-Terminal Filter Capacitors  EC-20  PCSU200 
 Axial Electrolytic  EC-21  PCSGU250 
 Bipolar Electrolytic  EDU-001  PCSU1000 
 Can Electrolytic  EDU-002  PPS10 
 Chokes  EDU-003  WFS210 
 Class X Capacitors  EDU-004 Transformers  
 Class Y3 Capacitors  EDU-005  100V Line Transformer 
 High Temperature Electrolytic  EDU-006  Audio 
 Inrush Thermistors  EDU-007  Chokes 
 Radial Electrolytic  EDU-008  Chassis 
 Plastic Film  EDU-009  Current Transformers 
 Polyester  ES-1  Encapsulated 
 Polystyrene  ES-2  Inductors 
 Electronic Component Packs  ES-3  Mains Filters 


  ES-4  Side Tag 
 4000 Series  ES-5  Toroidal 
 74 Series    Service Aids  
 74HC Series Connectors   Anti-Static Aids 
 Diodes  Automotive  Cleaning Agents 
 Diodes 2  Bulkhead Connectors  Cleaning Brushes 
 Diodes 3 Banana Plugs2mm Plugs  Desk Magnifying Glass 
 Diodes 4  2mm Sockets  Flux 
 Diodes 5  4mm Plugs  Freezer 
 EPROMS  4mm Sockets  Magnifying Glasses 
 Inductors  Gold Plated Posts  Heat Transfer Paste 
 Linear IC's CrimpCord End Crimps  Helping Hands 
 Mains Filters  Crimp Sets  Inspection Mirrors 

Metal Oxide Varistors

  Insulated Terminals  Lubricants 
 Microcontrollers  Non-Insulated Terminals  Pick Up Tools 
 Opto Couplers  Ribbon Cable  Siphon Pump 
 LED  Telecom  Storage Boxes 
 LED 10  Crocodile Clips Switches  
 LED 11  DC Power  DIL Switches 


  DIL Sockets  Electrical 
 LED 3  DIN  Float Switch 
 LED 4 Jack Plugs2.5mm Mono  Foot Activated 
 LED 5  2.5mm Stereo  Keyboard 
 LED 6  3.5mm Mono  Key Operated 
 LED 7  3.5mm Stereo  Micro Switches 
 LED 8  6.35mm Mono PushIlluminated - Plastic 


  6.35mm Stereo  LED - Latching 
 Resistors  4-Pole Jack  LED - Momentary 
 Resistors 10  LED Tape  Round - Metal Body 
 Resistors 11  Mini DIN  Round - Plastic Body 
 Resistors 12  Mini XLR  Square - Plastic Body 

Resistors 13

 Multi-Pole0.1" Board Headers  Tactile - PCB 
 Resistors 14  0.156" Board Headers  Reed 

Resistors 15

  Centronic  Rocker 
 Resistors 16  D' Type  Rotary 
 Resistors 17  Metal Body Multi-Pole  Slide 
 Resistors 18  Plastic Body Multi-Pole  Solenoid 
 Resistors 19  Power Pole ToggleEconomy 
 Resistors 2  Scart  Sub Miniature 
 Resistors 21 PCB TypeBox & Latch Headers  Miniature 
 Resistors 22  Card Reader  PCB Horizontal 
 Resistors 3  DIL Headers  PCB Vertical 
 Resistors 4  Pin Headers  Standard 

Resistors 5

  RJ Sockets  Tumbler 

Resistors 6

  Transistor Sockets ParadigmK1410 
 Resistors 7  USB Sockets  K1411 
 Resistors 8  ZIF Sockets  K1412 
 Resistors 9  Phono (RCA)  K1420 
 Thyristors RF ConnectorsBNC  K1421 
 Transistors  Car Aerial  K1422 
 Transistors 2  'F' Type  K1430 
 Transistors 3  'N' Type  K1431 
 Transistors 4  SMA  K1432 

Transistors 5

  TNC  K1440 
 Triacs  TV Coaxial  K1450 
 Varistors  UHF  K1460 

Voltage Regulators

    Terminal Strip    
   XLR Connectors3-Pole XLR    
    4-Pole XLR    
    5-Pole XLR    

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