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Cebek 4-Digit Up/Down Counter with Pre-Selector


Cebek 4-Digit Up/Down Counter with Pre-Selector

LED Display4-Digit 13.5mm
Range0 - 9999
Power Supply12VDC
Dimensions95 x 68 x 45mm
Technical Information >Download the Handbook for full specifications and applications
The Cebek CD-5 module is a 4-Digit count up and count down with pre-selection and relay outputs. Thanks to a switch you could count up or count down impulses from a closing contact on the signal input or by injecting external 12VDC signal. Count up function allows you to pre-select a number and once this number reach, the count up will be stopped and the relay is activated.
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Power SupplyFE-113
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CD-5Cebek 4-Digit Up/Down Counter with Pre-Selector40.85 


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