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LCD Displays

Liquid Crystal Display
Screen Sizemm
Power Supply3-12V
Data Sheet 717-035 >Download the Handbook for full specifications and applications
Data Sheet 717-040 >Download the Handbook for full specifications and applications
Standard seven segment format with a decimal point between digits and a colon between alternative digits. The transflective display gives black segments on a silvered background which can be back lit if required. Supplied with connectors on 0.1” pitch.
Order Code 15+10+25+
717-0353˝ Digit LCD4.403.963.523.08
717-0404 Digit LCD4.003.753.503.25


LCD Module PC1602WRS-KWA-E
Screen Size36 x 10mm
Power Supply5Vdc
Liquid Crystal Display 16 x 2, uses 5 x 7 dots to generate characters. LCD type: STN, Gray, Positive, Transflective, Normal Temp. Duty-bias: 1/16 - 1/5. Suitable for Velleman K8095 MP3 Player Kit
Order Code Each
717-12516 x 2 STN LCD Module14.16


20 x 4 Backlit (Yellow LED) Supertwist LCD module
Character Size2.95 x 4.75mm
Viewing Area77 x 25.2
Dimensions98 x 60 x 13.6mm
Data Sheet 717-121 >Download the Handbook for full specifications and applications
A 20 x 4 LCD display that has a transflective type 6 o'clock display with a STN positive yellow/green LCD module that has a yellow/green LED backlight.
Order Code Each
717-12120 x 4 Backlit (Yellow LED) Supertwist LCD module11.06


LCD Module 16 x 216 x 2 STN LCD Module Backlit
Character Size2.96 x 5.56
Viewing Area61.0 x 15.8
Dimensions80 x 36 x 9.7mm
Character Size2.96 x 5.56
Viewing Area99 x 24
Dimensions122 x 44 x 13.6mm
Character Size2.95 x 4.75
Viewing Area76.0 x 25.2
Dimensions98 x 60 x 10.4mm
Data Sheet 717-100 >Download the Handbook for full specifications and applications
Data Sheet 717-105 >Download the Handbook for full specifications and applications
Data Sheet 717-120 >Download the Handbook for full specifications and applications
Intelligent alphanumeric dot matrix display modules featuring Supertwist Nematic (STN) technology which provides a superior viewing angle and higher contrast over conventional designs. Each module uses a 7 x 5 dot matrix format, has a cursor and is capable of displaying 224 different characters and symbols. An on-board RAM facility also enables the user to produce any character pattern required. Easily interfaced to 4 or 8 bit microprocessors. Single 5V supply, low power consumption-typically 1mA
Order Code Each
717-10016 x 2 STN LCD Module4.11
717-10516 x 2 STN LCD Module Backlit10.80
717-12020 x 4 STN LCD Module11.33


Velleman 2.8" Touch Screen for UNO/MEGA
Resolution240 x 320
Colour Depth262 000
System Interface
  • 8-bits, 9-bits, 16-bits, 18-bits interface with 8080-I /8080-II series MCU
  • 6-bits, 16-bits, 18-bits RGB interface with graphic controller
  • 3-line / 4-line serial interface
Display Mode
  • full colour mode (Idle mode OFF): 262 000 colour (selectable colour depth mode by software)
  • reduced colour mode (Idle mode ON): 8-colour
Data Sheet  >PDF Download
This is a 2.8" Touch screen Module with 262 000 colour depth up to 18 bits per pixel and 240 x 320 resolution.  Designed to fit with every AVR-based Arduino (like UNO, Leonardo etc.).
Order Code Each
VMA412Velleman 2.8" Touch Screen for UNO/MEGA14.69


Raspberry Pie 5" TouchscreenRaspberry Pie Touchscreen
Resolution800 x 480 RGB dots
Touch Screen4-Wire Resistive
Power Supply5Vdc
Dimensions121.11 x 77.93mm
Documents  >Download ZIP File
Drivers >Download ZIP File
Software  >Download ZIP File
This 5" resistive touchscreen display for the Raspberry Pi is perfect for creating portable and embedded projects where a keyboard and mouse would be in the way.
  • Resistive touchscreen supports touch control
  • Supports backlight control, backlight can be turned off to save power
  • Supports standard HDMI interface input, can be connected with Raspberry Pi (3rd, 2nd, and 1st generation) through HDMI port or dedicated connector
  • Can be used as general purpose HDMI monitor
  • Works as a PC monitor, supports Windows® XP, 7, 8, 10 (touch function not supported in Windows)
Order Code Each
VMP401Velleman Raspberry Pie 5" Touchscreen47.09


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