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Velleman MP3 Player Project

Velleman MP3 Player Project

Specification Features:

  • SD card operation (suitable for SD and SDHC cards, tested up to 32GB)
  • Supports ID3 TAG information: Artist Name, Album Name and Date, displayed on the optional 2-line 16 char. LCD
  • High-quality VLSI decoder
  • 5 Preset folder access buttons
  • Supports folders to one level deep, up to 1024 folders, each containing up to 16384 songs
  • Decodes MP3 (MPEG 1.0 & 2.0 audio layer III (CBR, VBR, ABR), Till 320kbit/s. Fraunhofer IIS and Thomson licensed
  • Play-pause, next, previous, search, random and shuffle
  • Volume control
  • Equalizer settings: Flat , Loudness, Heavy, Clear, Soft, Disco, Live and Hall
  • 6 play modes: All, Folder, At power-on...
  • On-board power amplifier
  • RCA pre out
  • Headphone and speaker outputs
  • Mono operation is possible
  • Vertical or horizontal SD position possible
  • Suits commercially available LCD types
  • Can be used with the following RF Remote Kits and Modules when fitted with RX433N (Optional) infrared receiver. K8058, K8049, VM118R, VM160DT, VM160T and VM191

Read the fully Illustrated Assembly Manual and operating instructions for K8095

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Power Supply

12Vdc (1000mA) 460-140




130 x 99mm



Finally it is possible to build your own MP3 player! Create you own home audio system, jukebox, jingle player, audio messages or sound effects.
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