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⅛ Watt Carbon Resistor

 Watt Carbon Resistor

Carbon Film Resistor

1W Carbon Film Resistor

2 Watt Resistor

⅛ Watt 5% Carbon Watt 5% Carbon Watt 5% Carbon1 Watt 5% Carbon2 Watt 5% Carbon

Metal Film Resistor

2.5W Resistor

5 Watt Ceramic Resistor

10 Watt Ceramic Resistor

20 Watt Ceramic Resistor

Watt 1% Metal Film2W 5% Silicon5 Watt Ceramic10 Watt Ceramic20 Watt Ceramic

25 Watt Resistor

Aluminium Bodied Resistor

7 Commoned Resistors (932-XXX)

Horizontal Miniature Enclosed Preset

Top Adjust Multiturn Preset

25 Watt Aluminium50 Watt AluminiumResistor NetworksSingle Turn PresetMulti-Turn Presets

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