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Cebek Soldering Educational Project


Cebek EDU-004 Soldering Project

Power Supply12Vdc 200mA
User Manual >Download the Handbook for full specifications and applications

The Cebek EDU-004 offers the function to the student of physically fixing a component to the rest of a circuit. It explains how with solder and the aid of a soldering iron you join components to the copper tracks of a PCB and bond it electrically and mechanically together.


The Cebek EDU-004 includes 10 printed circuit boards (PCB) with the necessary components to assemble LED oscillator experiments

Introduction. Specification of different elements of the electronic soldering, most popular methods, tin alloys, etc.

Soldering Iron. Types of soldering irons, maintaining the parts of the soldering iron.

The Circuit. Description of the practice circuit functions.

Elements. Work desk, necessary tools, preparation of materials etc.

The Soldering. Description and process of techniques, advice and drawing.

Suitable for Students 12 years or over

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