Pure Sine Wave & Modified Sine Wave Inverters

These high efficiency power inverters use a modified sine wave or pure sine wave to power 230V mains equipment from a 12V or 24V battery or DC power supply. Perfect for use while camping, in commercial vans/lorries.
Modified Sine wave suitable for basic mains equipment, Pure sine wave should be used for sensitive mains equipment such as Audio or Computers.

  • Modified Sine Wave: Over 85% efficiency
  • Pure Sine Wave: Over 90% efficiency
  • Soft start minimises inverter shutdown when using large inductive loads
  • Low/over voltage input protection
  • Pure Sine Wave: High accuracy output wave form with less than 4% THD

Mercury Inverters

12Vdc - 230Vac Soft start modified sine wave Inverter

IMS Series 150 to 2500W

12Vdc - 230Vac Pure sine wave Inverter

IPS Series 300 to 1000W

24Vdc - 230Vac Pure Sine wave inverter

IPS Series 600W