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A range of dipped 400V capacitors, industry compatible and suitable for general applications. Metallised polyester (PETP) film dielectric. Covered by a protective epoxy resin coating. Flame retardant, moisture repellent and solvent resistant. Leads are cropped and pre-formed to standard pitch spacing.

Capacitance Range

10nF to 680nF



Working Voltage

400Vdc (220Vac)

Operating Temperature Range

-40ºC to 85ºC

Insulation Resistance

≥7500MΩ (V>100Vdc)
≥3750MΩ (V=100Vdc

Time Constant ≥2500 Sec. (V>100Vdc, C>330nF)
≥1250 Sec. (V=100Vdc, C>330nF)

Dissipation Factor

1% at 1KHz

Body Colour

Orange / Blue

220nF 400V Dipped Polyester 22.5mm

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