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Cebek DA-05 module is a chip card reader. It manages the control of up to 999 different chip cards. It has to be configured with a security code which makes it different from other access controls. This code can be incorporated reading the Cebek Chip card previously configured, or through dip switches included into the module. It allows you to record virgin cards, on a card number will be recorded (0 to 999). Then, you can record this number on the circuit to authorize or to deny the access. The security code is recorded on the card together with the access number during the recording process. When the access will be authorized, the module will activate the output during a time that you can adjust between 1 and 4 sec. Also, the DA-05 allows to control by presence that means once the card inserted and recognized, it will maintain the output activated till the card is inserted into the reader. It includes indicator LED's and is supplied with a virgin 1 Kbytes Cebek chip card.

Cebek Chip Card Reader Module

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