Velleman VGA Classic Tennis Video Game Mini Kit

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MK192 TV Tennis Game

Assemble and play this all-time favourite and addictive tennis game kit. Now upgraded with VGA colour output, on board buzzer or line out and option for external power supply. Each player has his/her own bat with rotary potentiometer for ultra fast bat movement.


  • analog bat movement board with play/smash button
  • 5 single player levels
  • 5 two player levels
  • 3 ball angles
  • smash function (press button the moment the ball hits the bat)
  • only the server can score points
  • demo mode
  • on board play mode selection button (long press activates/deactivates demo mode)

  • VGA compatible video out
  • on board miniature speaker
  • select low/high or no on board speaker volume
  • two selectable background colours (green / brown)
  • audio output (fixed volume)
  • 2 onboard AA batteries (not included)
  • 5 V mini USB power supply is possible
  • on board power switch (off = USB power mode)