0-30V 0-5A Bench Power Supply, LED Displays. LABPS3005N

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0-30V, 0-5A LABPS3005N Velleman PSU

The LABPS3005N is a conventional transformer coupled high-quality lab power supplies operate in both constant voltage and constant current mode. Our lab power supplies effortlessly switch to Constant Current mode when overloaded, providing a constant maximum output. If a short circuit occurs, you don't have to worry, because this power supply is equipped with automatic current limiting (unless you have set a lower current value).
Model LABPS3005N
Output Voltage 0 - 30Vdc
Output Current 0 - 5A
Ripple Voltage <1mV
Ripple Current 3mA
Connection 4mm Sockets
Power Supply 230VAC 50Hz 150W
Dimensions 117 x 190 x 270 mm